cattery-christchurchWe recognise that all cats have individual personalities and needs. At St Claws we offer three levels of secure individual apartments to accommodate your cat/s requirements.

Each apartment is completely individual to your cat/s, and we do not allow cats to mix at anytime accept when they are from the same family and sharing an apartment. Individual apartments help prevent the spread of parasitic or contagious diseases and prevent cats with different personalities meeting.

All apartments have daily monitoring charts where we record each cat/s food and water consumed, also the cat/s expenditure. We also record any medication given to your cat/s.

Cat/s are given the opportunity to exercise individually within the confines of the rooms and hallways.

All cats are fed twice daily morning and evening. Litter trays are changed at each feeding time or when necessary.

All apartments are furnished with bedding, food and water bowls, litter trays and any cat accessories you provide.

Single Inside Apartments

Designed to accommodate 1 cat only

Double Inside Apartments

Designed to accommodate 1 or 2 cats from the same family. Each room has windows, skylights and smoke detectors fitted. These apartments are heated as a room with oil column heaters. All rooms have background music playing giving a homely feeling.

Indoor/Outdoor Apartment

Designed to accommodate 1, 2 or 3 cats from the same family. Each Indoor/Outdoor Apartment has an inside sleeping / eating area and an outside area with chairs and shelves for relaxing, playing or just catnapping. Heating is by way of individual heat pads under their bedding. Smoke detectors are fitted along the hallways. Cat/s are also given the opportunity to exercise within the confines of the hallways.

Please Note: All cats must be 1 year or older in this apartment